Employee stories – Irina Mazova, Shift Manager

The job is interesting and full of responsibilities. Both my colleagues and superiors are nice and pleasant. In fact, I like everything about this job, but then again, I’m not someone who often changes job in search of a better one. My feet just keep bringing me back here, whether I like it or not!

— Irina Mazova, Shift Manager


How did you find your way to Kulinaaria OÜ and what is your role within the company?

I came here just like so many others – I was invited by an acquaintance who already worked here and I stayed!

For over ten years I worked as a packer, until one day my superior offered me a new position – as the packing shift manager. Since then, I’ve been dividing my time between working at the computer and communicating with employees. My job is to arrange the dispatch of goods to 74 Selver stores and to our cooperation partner Balbiino, as well as to keep an eye on private orders. I monitor the dispatched food, the amounts and the deadlines

What do you like most about working here and what motivates you?

It’s very important to me that my salary arrives without a hitch and the company has its own canteen where I can eat affordably several times a day. It’s very convenient not to have to think about where to go for lunch or what food to bring from home.

What is your favourite product and why?

My favourites from the party menu are refreshments with herring and trout. It’s so delicious when egg butter is complemented by a tender slice of herring fillet and onion! It’s not just tasty; it also looks beautiful. You can eat it at home or bring it along when visiting friends.

I also really like the cauliflower and broccoli casserole, with vegetables oven baked in a mixture of kitchen cream and Merevaik, the Estonian cream cheese. Breaded schnitzels are also very tasty and mini-hamburgers are perfect for a festive dinner table. I don’t have a sweet tooth; otherwise, I would recommend a dessert, too. Besides the excellent flavours and look, I also like the fact that there are thorough ingredients lists on the product labels.