Becoming a leading food producer by giving people time and offering honest tastes

You can find Kulinaaria’s food across nearly 80 stores. The most well-known products are the good, honest tastes of Selveri Köök and the new Van Kook cookie doughs.

For Kulinaaria’s Managing Director Andres Heinver, it is important that Kulinaaria honours the traditional Estonian tastes while also introducing new and surprising products to complement them:

“Kulinaaria’s success story started from Selveri Köök – we were the first company in Estonia to start making ready-made food. Our idea was innovative and successful. Now it is normal that you can buy ready-made food from every grocery store. Back then it was like a winning solution for busy customers who wanted to save time on cooking at home. Thanks to great demand, we started offering ready-made food throughout the opening hours of the store and eventually in other Selver and Kaubamaja stores as well.”

Having started out as Selveri Köök, Kulinaaria continued operating as an independent company to meet increasing demand. Today, Kulinaaria supplies the customers of 80 stores across Estonia: Selver, Comarket, Tallinna Kaubamaja, Tartu Kaubamaja, Alexela and Olerex, among many others.

Kulinaaria was the first company to start offering tasty ready-made foods in Estonia when they launched their first products in the Kaubamaja and Selver stores almost 23 years ago.

The newly-completed Kulinaaria production building also means that the company now has new equipment to provide even more opportunities for product development and range expansion. “This environment, which can be regulated and controlled with laboratory-level precision, has created excellent conditions for product development. Besides our own trademarks, we also prepare treats for our demanding Gurmee Catering customers, and for our own brand products,” Heinver proudly comments.

As the flavours and appearances to meet the demands of Kulinaaria’s chefs cannot always be achieved on an assembly line, many products are still handmade. Today, Kulinaaria is able to fulfil large industrial orders and special orders that require greater flexibility. “Last summer, we opened our factory store at Taevakivi 7 in Lasnamäe, Tallinn, and this year we plan to unveil an e-shop, which will again bring with it new and innovative opportunities,” Heinver added.