Employee stories – Kristina Solomatova, HR

Given the current workforce shortage, we must be smart and persistent in finding new employees. Our goal is to be a good employer and to discover new ways of ensuring our staff are happy.

— Kristina Solomatova, Human Resources Manager

How did you find your way to Kulinaaria OÜ and what is your role within the company?

I came to Tallinn from the city of Valga to study economics in the distance learning programme. I also needed to find a job to support my studies. The mother of an acquaintance happened to work in Selveri Köök and suggested that I join her – she said it was a nice job! In 2005, I started out as a packer – someone who prepares the goods for their dispatch to stores. Soon I moved on to taking orders. As e-stores were not very common back then, people who wished to order treats for their parties had to call the store.

When Selveri Köök moved to the new facility in Lasnamäe, I became Kulinaaria’s senior goods dispatcher. My responsibility was to oversee that the correct amount of goods was dispatched from the kitchen.

What do you like most about working here and what motivates you?

I had two children and by the time I returned from parental leave, my former position no longer existed. So, I went back to assembling. As a young mother, these working conditions suited me well. Five days a week and free nights to spend time with my kids – I was very happy with this work schedule.

After that I moved on to office work – I was an assistant for six years and a labour safety specialist for two years. Last December, I became the human resources manager.

My new position also requires new knowledge, which is why this autumn I will enrol in an economics school to study human resources management. In my speciality, I have to be competent and know all the legislation and regulations.

What is your favourite product and why?

The broccoli soup from our recently launched soup range. As for desserts, I really enjoy the Tosca cakes and the Winter Dream cake, which won the title of best Christmas product at the 2021 Tallinn Food Fair.