Our production

A combination of extensive experience, flexibility and capacity

Production capacity

From a 200 m2 kitchen in Kadaka Selver, we have grown into a factory with a production area of ​​approx. 8 000 m2. In total, the factory employs about 300 people, of which there are about 200 production workers.

Kulinaaria’s production volumes have increased steadily over the years, and the expanded factory and new equipment fleet, together with automation, will allow us to increase the volumes even further.

At the same time, not all activities in food production can be done with machines, so some of the products will always be completely handmade, to which, in addition to the main ingredients of the recipe, a little care for good Estonian food and our nice customers has been added.

The key to our production is a combination of flexibility and capacity. As the market leader in Estonia in terms of production volumes and capacity, we can fulfil both industrial and small-scale orders.

Product portfolio

Our original 50 products have now developed into a portfolio of more than 400 products. On average, we produce about 15 tons of products per day, and 20-26 tons during the holiday periods.

Our most popular products of all time are mashed potatoes, meat casseroles, liver pâté, potato and ham salad, and semolina mousse. People tend to buy baked potatoes and birthday salads in December, while sushi and cocktail salads are more popular in July.

Production is divided into four major groups:

  • cold dishes – salads, party food, sushi, sandwiches, pizza toppings, dips, salad dressings and spreads
  • hot food – soups, sauces, meals, casseroles, cutlets and side dishes
  • confectionery – bakery products, cakes and rolls, tortes, biscuits and doughs
  • desserts – puddings, desserts, jellies


We have always been a trail blazer. Over the years, in Kulinaaria, we have placed strong value in domestic flavours and an innovative approach. One good example of combining innovation and a homemade taste is Van Kook’s cookie dough, which hit the market in 2020.

The packaging method is innovative for both us and the Estonian customer – as far as we know, we were the first in Estonia to pack the dough into a tube and our customers have been comfortable handling it.

At the same time, there is real butter inside the dough, not margarine, and preservatives are also avoided, which gives the product a lovely homemade taste. Van Kook’s cookie dough with toffee pieces and caramel was also recognised as “Estonia’s best confectionery product 2021”.

We have now used this packaging solution for seven doughs and plan to add more flavours.

New production processes

Thanks to our state-of-the-art food technology and well-planned technical systems in the production building, we can ensure a longer shelf life for our products without the need to add preservatives.

  • In Kulinaaria’s production facilities, we regulate the temperature in each room and production zone according to the specifics of the food being prepared, during thermal processing, rapid cooling and storage. In our production and packaging facilities, people work at a temperature of +8 to +12 °C. All production is delivered from our factory at temperatures up to +6 °C.
  • Kulinaaria’s production equipment includes hot dispensing, ice water cooling and automated packaging lines to ensure the highest level of food safety. We have also introduced steam technology so that we do not waste time boiling cold water.
  • The production complex uses a new automated production line, which transports boxes from storage to production, and full boxes from production to delivery. The transport of dry matter from the warehouse to production is also automated.


Our products, handling processes and services are of the highest quality and meet the stringent demands placed on the food industry. We have achieved ISO 22000:2018 food safety management system certification.

The cornerstones of food safety

  • Safe, traceable raw materials and packaging materials. We only supply raw materials and packaging materials from reliable suppliers.
  • Safely manufactured products and a controlled production process. Our production facilities are divided into zones with different levels of hygiene. The company has strict hygiene rules that every employee must follow. We pay great attention to the continuous training of employees.
  • Reliable self-monitoring and quality products. Professionally trained staff, up-to-date instructions and adherence to the set instructions ensure product safety and the high quality of our products. We honour the assurances given to our customers and the set requirements for our products.
  • Openness and continuous development. We answer questions about food safety openly and honestly. We follow the latest scientific information, consumer desires and trends, and legislation. We develop our activities based on the above.

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